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Pricing Plans

Our goal is to make it really simple to start and grow with us.

Answers to Your Questions

Is our facility mature enough?

Mature enough for what? To start implementing digital tools for measurability and automation? Then heck yes! It’s as easy as taking your first steps… Oh, we mean crawling your first meters!

How do you earn money?

We earn money from your human satisfaction. Our business model is staged so that we earn a little money for saving you time and more money for helping you earn more money and adding value to your members, guests and partners.

What is the delivery time?

We promise you can be up running on our digital tools within 3 months of signing the digital contract with us. To be able to keep this promise we need email, web hotel, facebook and other account information a.s.a.p. when starting up.

What is required from the facility?

We guide you through all parts of the development your facility needs. Please, see us as your shoulder to cry on when change hurts (it does sometimes, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it). We are very experienced and have a true passion for developing your facility based on data.

What will happen in the future?

We are determined golf facilities in the world will undergo the same digital transition the travel and hotel industry has gone through the last 20 years. For example:

– The price to play golf will be determined by supply and demand. (A refundable tee time booking will cost more and high-in-demand tee times should cost substantially more.)

– The restaurant will know before you arrive what drink or snack you prefer in your golf car.

– Golf facilities will answer the email, phone, chat or sms immediately when you try to reach them and know what you want before you do.

– And so on…

Are you objective when recommending partners to us?

We have decided to never earn money from each other as partners. We sign agreements with golf facilities, but not between MANAGEMENT.GOLF and our partners. Why? Because we are in a “Gentlewomen’s Industry” and only deal with people we can rely on. If someone does not deliver, we know it straight away (measurability) and say good bye to each other without having to involve lawyers and hurtful processes.