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What you get

You get digital knowledge, digital tools and a data integration to enable your golf facility to become data-driven and customer centric.

What’s in this for you?

We enable fast growth by minimising administration, taking data-driven decisions and becoming more effective.


Administration and double work is a thing of the past when data flows freely between tools.


A simple yet powerful data management structure enabling data-driven decisions anywhere.


You start “doing the right things” instead of “doing things the right way”. Effectiveness vs Efficiency.


Harness existing front-edge technology and realise undeveloped opportunities.


Enlarge activities through automation and data-driven scalable decision making.


Attract agile top talent as the need for strategic ability creates new career opportunities.

The digital tools you get

We choose our technology providers objectively and help them, and you, develop functionality and integrations based on your golf facilities’ needs.

Optimisation of price & availability

Prediction of golf demand to optimise inventory (tee times, lesson slots, etc) and price/availability to maximize revenue growth.

Shared Inbox (Replacing Outlook)

All communication channels in ONE place. Facebook, twitter, web chat, your personal email (yes you can keep it) etc. while client info is presented when they make contact.

Collaboration & Process Automation

Delegate and control completion of work tasks. Enable employees, members, guests and partners to cooperate and develop the golf facility together.

Homepage Chat

Reply lightning fast to chat questions directly from your “email system”. It means you donät need to log in to separate systems (Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Chat client, etc)

SMS Integration

Give night and golf guests the opportunity to SMS the reception instead of calling. Faster, more convenient, more efficient and more personal. It means you can give visitors a “direct line” to your premium service.

Sweetspot + GIT Integration (coming soon)

See member information next to the message in the same communication interface. It means you always see the right information when you need to see it (member or not, member type etc)

Let’s Get Started

We’re ready to accelerate the golf industry. Are you?